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Rational Type Design: Ellipsis and Pascal

A two-week practice of rational typefaces design.
More details are coming!

Designer: Yi Mao
Instructor: Simon Johnston
Advisor: Greg Lindy

©2018 Yi Mao All Rights Reserved. 

Ongoing (Stage 1 Is Closed, On Break Now)
“Buttress” v1.0

Having a fundamental experience on designing rational typefaces last year, designing “Buttress” typeface gives the designer a comprehensive and further opportunity to systematically design a typeface and have a deeper understanding on typography. What are the basic characteristics and origins of letterforms? What aspects should a designer notice throughout the process, such as contrast, weight, balance, etc.? What are the intentions of designing typefaces, for body text or digital display? Shall the design/characteristics of typeface come out first or the basic reading functionality of typefaces? Several critical questions are addressed by Professor Greg Lindy during this 14-week font design course.

For “Buttress”, it originates from the architectural term “flying buttress”. The term itself also correlates with biology, car design, and musical instruments. Designer’s intention of designing this typeface is embracing the traditions of serif typefaces in a contemporary context. There is always a duality aspect embedded in this typeface. Ideal contexts, topics and formats may relate to this typeface are, FILM/MUSIC/THEATRE, RESTAURANT, TECHNOLOGY, COSMETIC, PACKAGING, EXHIBITION, FILM, BRAND IDENTITY, POSTER, AND SIGNAGE.

Test pages on the left. 

Designer: Yi Mao
Instructor: Greg Lindy
Disclaimer: Buttress v1.0, as designer’s very first systemmatic typeface design, may not be an appropriate bodytext typeface. If you’re insterested in trying this typeface especially as a display font, please email me for any further inquiry. 

©2019 Yi Mao All Rights Reserved.

Work In Progress
“Self-Adhere” Sticker Store 

Coming in May!  

Graphic Design & Typography
Work In Progress

A project from Graduate Typography 2 class that uses posters, motion, spatial, and collaterals to execute the core methodology from either an artist, a musician, a photographer, a philosopher, a theorist, a poet, or a critic. Marshall McLuhan is a personal choice for this specific project and his theories potentially allow the designer to embed his critique/comments on media and mediums as well.

Designer: Yi Mao
Instructor: Tyrone Drake

Client: ArtCenter College of Design