sweetgreen IPO Campaign

In support of sweetgreen’s IPO in November of 2021, the brand studio team ideated and designed the entire roadshow campaign. To deliver sweetgreen’s vision of food, the campaign was built around a core message, “Rewrite the future of food with us” through motion design, billboard design, wildposting, videos, and social media designs.

Year: 2021

sweetgreen team:

Executive Creative Director: Thomas Wilder
Director of Brand: Emily Morris
Design Director: Brian Okarski
Creative Director of Narratives: Marisa Aveling
Designers: Yi Mao, Raymund Ramirez, Brian Kim
Motion Designer: Diego Salinas
Brand Manager: Kyra Peckaitis
Producer: Alexis Coulter
Photographer: Nicholas Scarpinato 

Screen panels and signages inside of the New York Stock Exchange on the listing day.

The OOHs at Times Square cannot be made possible with the help from Diego Salinas

Images are selected from sweetgreen’s photo library established by Johanna Hsu, Nicholas Scarpinato, Melanie Weiner, and other previous team members over the past four years. By juxtaposing those images together, it was creating something new. Contents on those photographs are curated to match campaign’s core message. They include “ingredients”, “food”, “farmers/people”, “supply chain”, and “employees”. 

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