sweetgreen 2022 Winter Season Campaign

Greetings from sweetgreen—the winter destination where you can have it all. Here we thrive year round, not just seasonally, and nourish ourselves the right way to make sure of it. How, you ask? By winterizing salad. What does this mean, you say? By adding extra heartiness and comforting flavors to every bowl.

For most, winter is synonymous with hibernation. A time to slow down, and even stop. But not us. We’re truly living, laughing, and—you guessed it—loving these colder months by listening to what our bodies need.

Find exhilaration in extra scoops of crispy rice. Luxuriate in soft pillowy bed of sweet potatoes and embrace all that this season offers. Don’t wilt in winter—make salad your first resort.

Year: 2022

sweetgreen team:

Creative Director: Brian Okarski
Creative Director of Narratives: Marisa Aveling
Copywriter: Jolene Wright
Art Director: Joanna Hsu
Art Direction Assisting & Design: Yi Mao
Brand Manager: Annie Lee
Intergrated Producer: Erin Fitzpatrick
Photographer: Mari Juliano

The winter menu highlights the Crispy Chicken Salad and Miso Bowl as the main items with Miso Roasted Veggies being the side dish.

In order to visualize sweetgreen being the winter destination, design and art direction weigh in to create a whole new visual language. Setting sweetgreen itself as the winter resort with a retrospective asetheic of the 1950s and 60s, this new language system include assgining colors and patterns for each item as well as creating unique type treatment. Art directon also maintain props, wardrobes, and all production details correlate with the winter and resort setting.

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