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December 2019

Getty Museum Rebrand

The Getty Museum rebrand project originated from Brad Bartlett’s Type 5 Transmedia class at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. The ideation behind reimagining the Getty Museum as a more accessible cultural institution by providing a new tagline: “Crossing the threshold frame by frame.” Envisioning the Getty Museum through this new refreshing public frame: as a cultural, ethical, welcoming, inspiring, and intelligent hub. With these new branding core concept, was born a universal graphic associated with art, design, photography, architecture, and furniture design. The frame being a fundamental, yet significant element that has existed since Ancient Roman times. The new Getty Museum is hereby re-honored as the chain that connects everyone through their vast collection of visual arts at both the Getty Center and Getty Villa; a unified institution with a consistent and cohesive branding language. The rebrand explores a broad range of Getty Museum touchpoints, such as identity collateral, membership package, OOH design, posters, AR posters, e-tickets, podcasts, an app, websites, signage, wayfinding designs, social media, and a brand guidance.

Instructor: Brad Bartlett
Photographer: Charlie Sin
Writing Instructor: Polly Geller

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