sweetgreen 2022 Spring Season Campaign

Sweetgreen’s Spring Season is here, bringing in lighter, brighter flavors and crisp, young vegetables!

This year, it’s a new bowl—the Chicken Chimichurri Bowl! Bright, acidic and herby chimichurri vinaigrette was the inspiration behind this bowl. Chimichurri is an Argentinian sauce usually paired with grilled meats such as steak. In this seasonal bowl, Sweetgreen have chimichurri with bold and flavorful blackened chicken and the dressing is a bright contrast to the savory chicken. The seasonal spring asparagus is dressed with lemon, olive oil and salt for a subtle fresh taste that also pairs well with the dressing. It is kept raw so it has a nice crunchy texture.

Year: 2022

sweetgreen team:

Cesign Director: Brian Okarski
Creative Director of Narratives: Marisa Aveling
Copywriter: Alyssa Mandel
Art Director: Joanna Hsu
Art Direction Assisting & Design: Yi Mao, Brian Kim
Brand Manager: Annie Lee
Intergrated Producer: Erin Fitzpatrick
Photographer: Mari Juliano

The 2022 spring menu highlights the Chicken Chimichurri Bowl, Mushroom Chimichurri Bowl, Chimichurri Protein Plate as the main items.

The 2022 spring campaign is built around this magical Chimichurri world full of fresh ingredients and vegetables.

Customized typeface and graphic frames with glow details are dedicated to revealing the magic and adventurous aspect of this Chimichurri world. The bright, acidic, and herby flavor joining spring's young and energetic feeling inspired the seasonal color palettes. All these elements combine with photography and motion to establish a vivid and memorable spring Chimichurri world for Sweetgreen's customers.

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