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September. 2018


“Rebelle” is a project which was born from the Experimental Type class at ArtCenter College of Design. “Rebelle” can be understood as exploring and practicing typography through fashion and clothing. From a more macro standpoint in the fashion industry, “Rebelle” is a graphic designer’s response to the wide-spread notion of breaking the boundary between high fashion and streetwear. It is essentially an upper level streetwear (also called “luxury streetwear”) created by a Gen Y generation designer, revealing the will to be part of other existing luxury streetwear brand explorers, such as Off-White, Vetements, Undercover, John Elliott, and Fear of God.

Art Direction: Yi Mao
Design: Yi Mao
Photography: Charlie Sin
Stylist: Sondra Choi
HMUA: Shu Zhang
Model: Kaylin & Pierce (Wilhemina)
Instructor: Cheri Gray
Text Editing & Instructor: Polly Geller
Client: ArtCenter College of Design
*DISCLAIMER: This project is not for commercial use. 

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