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Graphic Design (Editorial)
March. 2019
Psychedelic Perfume (迷夢香水)


With an idea of designing the hypothetical exhibition at MoMA PS1, Psychedelic Perfume is project that focuses on the editorial design associated a Varporwave-themed exhibition. It is predicting that potentially this contemporary subculture, Vaporwave, and its related art, music, and design will be formally recognized by the broad masses especially Millennial generation in the future. 

The project itself not only aims to present a comprehensive research of this unique subculture, but also criticizes the existence behind Vaporwave. It is a subculture that firmly associated with the Internet world, nostalgia culture, and capitalism of the 1990s. Vaporwave, in its essence, is a statement that reveals the broad masses’ reaction to economic bubble collapse such as 1997 Asian financial crisis.

As the core item within this project, this exhibition catalogue, demonstrates the context, history, fact, and anatomy of Vaporwave including its art, music, and design. The overall design inherits the core aesthetic of Vaporwave such as grid, Greek plaster, palm trees, Asian languages, and 90s computer interfaces. Typographical choices are intentionally made to match the uncanny, psychedelic, technological, and dreamy aspects of Vaporwave.

Art Direction: Yi Mao
Designer: Yi Mao
Photography: Charlie Sin
Stylist: Yi Mao & Charlie Sin
*DISCLAIMER: This project is not for any types of commercial uses.

Instructor: Simon Johnston
Client: ArtCenter College of Design