“East-West/West-East: a converging typographical conversation”

Thesis Statement:
While at a macro level, notions of globalization and nationalism are shifting between the two over time. Cross-culture communications in our daily life scenario are still unstoppable. Among those communications, the dialogue between East-Asia and the west is one of the driven forces. To raise the accessibility, clarity, and appropriate usage of East-Asian typography and Latin typography is needed. Such resources and references shall be decentralized. It should not only limit to certain practitioners and scholars but also open to a broader and even younger audience.

Sean Adams, Gerardo Herrera, Samantha Flemming, Kjell Van Sice, Constantin Chopin

Packaging Instructor:
Gerardo Herrera

Teaching Assistant:
Theresa Liu 

*Due to the pandemic, several thesis deliverables cannot make it to the final production process especially the thesis book. Therefore, the presentation of the thesis book would be adjusted once the book is crafted. 

︎In essence, this MFA thesis project is to create a series of reference on how to use East-Asian typography along with Latin Typography.

︎The thesis book consists of two parts. Part I is East-Asian Typography Atlas while Part II is Thesis Process. The final book will be crafted with a do-si-do binding technique. The form is a representation of the coexisting relationship between these two parts.

︎“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The thesis project is not only offering a series of reference, but also seeking to offer tools. 

︎The conceptual packaging could be seen as a derivative or conclusion of the thesis. It is proving that East-Asian typography and Latin typography can live harmoniously from the reference I created. It is also criticizing the role of packaging in this highly-globalized world we live in. Cultures from the East and the West distinguishes from each other in the core. Otherness and difference can lead to conflicts and culture collisions. But difference could also form variety and diversity.

︎The end of an MFA thesis project is certainly not the end of its practice. The next steps would include researching deeper on East-Asian typography and sharing my results with other designers/students who might be interested in such a topic. If you are one of them, feel free to email me and let me know! 

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