Graphic Design (Packaging)

December. 2017

Sigur Rós—“Kveikur”

I was assigned to rebrand Sigur Rós’ album “Kveikur” (2013) for a class at ArtCenter College of Design. It includes designing vinyl covers, cd covers, posters, and t-shirts. Sigur Rós is an Icelandic alternative-rock band. The album “Kveikur” represents its style transition from a dreamy and calm style into a more aggressive and heavier taste. The rebranding also aims to further reveal their new aggression and heaviness of their musical style.

CONCEPT: Telling listeners that Sigur Rós is having a new style. It has been a long way for the band to struggles with their music. This new style is truly more aggressive, heavier, and darker. They still keep the deeply held notion of classic music and elegant feelings. My visual approach is combining type with dreamy imagery. The colors and photography revealing a sense of elegance and earthy darkness at the same time. The Typography enhances that feeling of poetry, elegance and musicality.

TECHNIQUES: Abstract photography approaches through inks, water, and acrylic paints.

TYPOGRAPHY: A san-serif and serif combination—Avenir & Baskerville. I also played with some other typefaces like Cera, Euclid Flex, and Perpetua in early stages.

Instructor: Cheri Gray 

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