💐WELCOME!💐Yi is pursuing Graphic Design MFA @ArtCenter College of Design 🤹🏻‍♂️ Graduating in April 2020👨🏻‍🎓 Previously at Buck. Interned at COLLINS. 
Advertising, Graphic Design & Art Direction
February–March. 2019

For quite a while, the minimalism style has an enormous impact on the beauty and makeup market. Being on the opposite path, as a maximalist-philosophy makeup brand, Il Makiage, strongly believes in its brand philosophy, “Makeup for maximalists.”, with embracing customers’ high-maintenance tendencies. Last year, Il Makiage successfully disrupted the streets of New York with their strong, confident, unapologetic tone as well as with their sassy sense of humor. Following its previous campaign, it is the time to focus on delivering Il Makiage additional brand attitudes. We believe that maximalism reveals from both external appearance and internal belief.

Millennial and Gen Z is the group of people that organized the March of Our Lives on social media. They are the generations that desire to be seen and heard. Along with Il Makiage’s maximalism philosophy on makeups, the brand shall reveal its belief and attitude on gender, women, independence, equality, acceptance, etc. What Il Makiage stands for and whom it stands with are potentially significant to those Millennial and Gen Z audience. Creating resonation between Il Makiage and its audience is the key and it will help itself stay strong among the competitors.

By understanding maximalism externally and internally, the new campaign sets “Know It. Do It. Have It. Wear It.” as the core statement, showing a sense of individual conviction. It also indicates that owning Il Makiage products and live with it, is a conviction as well. Within this core statement, the subsidiary statement is “You Define the Beauty, gal!”

The entire campaign focuses on Youtube/online video, social media/mobile platform, out-of-home advertisement, and print-based advertisement. 

Art Direction: Yi Mao
Designer: Yi Mao, Xiaocha Zhang
Photography: Charlie Sin
Stylist: Jorien Geelen
Make-up artist: Shu Zhang
Hair Stylist: Yuma
Model: Taylor

Client: One Club Creativity + IL MAKIAGE
*DISCLAIMER: This project is not for any types of commercial uses.