February. 2018
Generative Images—“Ocean Angel”

This Generative Haiku Booklet is about creating a visual interpretation of haiku using code and the program, Processing. There are five different codes within the series. Each code has random functions so that each time users run the code, Processing would generate different imageries with changes on details like shapes, colors, directions, etc. The result is using five pairs of imageries from five different codes to create a booklet. Each pair of imageries is supposed to be generated from only one code.

The haiku poem “Ocean Angel” was written by Sagawa Chika.

Ocean Angel

The cradle rings loudly.
A spray shoots up,
As if stripping off feathers.
I wait for the return of those who sleep.
Music marks the bright hour.
I try to protest, raising my voice –
The waves come erase it from behind.

I was abandoned in the ocean.

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