💐WELCOME!💐Yi is pursuing Graphic Design MFA @ArtCenter College of Design 🤹🏻‍♂️ Graduating in April 2020👨🏻‍🎓 Previously at Buck. Interned at COLLINS. 
April. 2018
Comerica Rebranding

Assignment: I was assigned to rebrand Comerica for a communication class at ArtCenter College of Design. Comerica is a financial services company that operates within business banks, retail banks, and wealth management. One of their corporate responsibilities is “sustainability”.

Concept: The new identity system is named “Oakes”. It is a dynamic identity composed of three icons of an oak leaf. A single oak leaf icon contains two parts. The top part is a silhouette of mountains. The bottom part can be read as lakes, waves, or rivers. Two parts join together to form the “Comerica Oak Leaf”, correlating with Comerica’s philosophy of sustainability. Three leaves are positioned together to frame a circle-like icon, indicating an attitude of sustainability and trustworthiness.

Designer: Yi Mao
Instructor: Gerardo Herrera 
Client: ArtCenter College of Design

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